2020-21 Stamp Prices

Announced by The Royal Mail at the end of February, the 2020 rates are effective from March 23rd, with a 1st Class stamp costing 76p and 2nd Class 65p (save 22p with Mailmark at only 43p). The changes help to ensure the sustainability of the one-price-goes-anywhere service and remains among the best value in Europewhen compared to the European average of £1.05 for 1st Class 0-100g. Whilst still providing one of the highest quality service specifications!

RM research based on World Bank Purchasing Power Parity exchange rates for GDP, using UK volume weights to provide a common currency average stamp letter price for items up to 100g


Save 34% by Franking

Although UK stamps provide great value, as a franking machine user you can take advantage of even cheaper postage rates every day, since Mailmark 2nd Class letter postage is now 34% cheaper than stamps, at 43p. Saving you 22p on every letter!

With an estimated 6 million 2nd Class stamps sold by the Royal Mail every week, that’s over £68 million across the year.

Your business can easily save thousands every year on postal costs, even if only sending 20 letters a day, as the average Mailmark saving is 22% on 2nd Class letters and large letters.

Franked post is also more efficient in the postal system, due to the 2D barcode sorting, meaning everything can go 2nd Class to maximise savings.

Your post is easier to manage, with no trips to buy stamps and itemised accounting on your postage spend, provides increased customer impact with your company logo on the envelope and with Pre-Pay Reply can increase customer response rates.

Please download our helpful Postage Price Overview for a quick guide to the mailing savings for 2020/21, or the easy reference cost sheets for stamps and franking options featured above.

MAILMARK savings over 2nd Class stamped mail

MAILMARK savings over 1st Class stamped mail

Franking savings over 2nd Class stamped mail

Franking savings over 1st Class stamped mail

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