SMART Technology

As you may be aware, changes in taxation rules mean that for some time certain mail items have been subject to VAT while others are not. Royal Mail services like Business Mail Advanced, Special Delivery 9am and Special Delivery Next Day now attract VAT, creating further complexities in the mailroom. Thankfully, machines incorporating SMART technology automatically inform you of the breakdown of your mail flow, so that your organisation and the Royal Mail get a correct VAT figure, ensuring you pay the right amount due and reclaim the exact figure from HMRC.

Following our comprehensive machine review, all of our current franking machines are SMART-enabled, so you can automatically account for VAT-affected postal services. SMART technology also allows you to take advantage of postal services such as Business Mail at volume related discounts, as well as being able to monitor your postage spend by class and format via online reporting tools. So it’s smart to get SMART.

Mailmark Compliant

Another mailing technology advance, introduced by the Royal Mail in 2014, is the newest and most efficient franking mark, Mailmark, and you will be reassured to learn that all of our current machines are Mailmark-compliant. This scheme uses a machine-readable 2D barcode, including ‘delivered by’ branding and visual identifiers showing the class of mail and format. More important for business users, Mailmark will always offer the lowest cost tariff for sending every single franked letter and provides automatic pricing updates to ensure you will always pay the very best rate.

END of Non-Mailmark Franking

Move to Mailmark

Not only do our Mailmark-compliant machines allow you to cut mailing costs, the scheme also speeds up delivery and receipt of mail. You also benefit by presenting the most professional image on your outgoing mail. Is your current machine Mailmark? If not, it’s well worth looking into.

Mailmark to be the only Franking tariff in 2023

Latest Franking Rates

As Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide postal tariffs are updated regularly, at The Mailing Room we’ll keep you updated with the latest stamp costs and the franking savings available.

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