How to use a franking machine

9 June 2014

If you’re new to franking your mail, it’s quick and easy to learn how to operate your franking machine. The exact process will depend on your model of franking machine, and it is important to get it right to ensure your post is delivered without extra charges.

You must be sure to send the mail on the same day that it is franked; the mark must be legible and placed correctly on the envelope in the correct ink.

Operating your franking machine is simple and the below steps should help you to understand how to frank your mail.

  1. Firstly check the postage rates are up to date before starting. Most machines update automatically but it’s important to check if you’re unsure.
  2. Start by weighing the item on the inbuilt scales on your franking machine. If your franking machine has digital scales then the weight will automatically be inputted.
  3. Select the class of the mail you are using.
  4. Choose any further requirements such as airmail, as well as the message and logo you wish to be franked on your mail
  5. Once all of this has been chosen, you are ready to frank your mail. Place the envelope upwards on the feeder and feed it in to the machine (some machines do this automatically for you). Your letter will then appear out the other end of the machine ready to be posted.

Once you have franked your mail you must sort it by class type and secure the mail with an elastic band. First class mail goes in the red postage bag, and second class mail goes in the green postage bag and should be dropped off at the post office.



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