How to upgrade your franking machine

23 July 2014

With new Royal Mail Mailmark technology released earlier this year, and technology such as SMART available, you might be looking to upgrade your franking machine.


Products like Royal Mail Special Delivery 9am and Business Mail are subject to VAT, whereas standard mail and parcels are not. SMART franking machines use the latest technology to identify any products that are exempt from VAT. This information can then be used to generate a VAT invoice to be claimed back from HMRC. This means you never pay more than you should.


Using a Mailmark compliant franking machine means your business will always receive the lowest possible price on sending your mail. Mailmark also means you are able to track your mail throughout the Royal Mail sorting systems, achieve a more professional finish on your mail items, and access Business Mail Advanced discounts.

To upgrade to a franking machine with the latest technology, speak to a member of our team about upgrading your equipment today and start saving even more money on your postage.



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