How to update your franking machine

23 May 2014

It’s important to keep your franking machine updated with the latest rates to ensure your franked mail carries the correct postage costs. If your mail has the incorrect postage value then your items may not be delivered, or you will be charged for any items with an incorrect price.

So when Royal Mail’s rates change, it is quick and easy to update your franking machine in line with these changes. The exact process will vary depending on the make and model of your machine. You will usually receive the updated rates on a rate card or chip which you can install and download the latest rates on to your machine.

You may also be able to update your franking machine straight from the Menu of your machine if your machine is connected to an analogue telephone line.

To find out how to update your franking machine with the correct rates please refer to your manufacturer handbook or contact our support team.



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