Meet Dan Paton

Dan started his career as a silver service waiter in the Shetlands, even serving HM The Queen, where he progressed to become a hotel manager, before transferring to sales in the growing cable TV sector. Next was 17 years with the major franking machine manufacturers, rising to Public Sector account director, before joining us in 2016.

Loves – what makes you happy:

Scotland and all that comes with her, terrible weather , pretty poor football team, however there is always Elephant Polo, Rugby and more recently Cricket (!?) although I still don’t understand the game…

Celebrity lookalike – who people think you look like, or maybe who you want to look like:

I have always had one that never goes away – Billy Bremner (played for Leeds United in the 70s,  Scotland Captain at the 1974 world cup in Munich)

What did you want to be when you grew up – or maybe still want to be:

A professional footballer playing for Celtic and of course Scotland… My second choice, which is still there, was to be a commentator (I did get an opportunity to do 15 mins for Hospital Radio when I was working for Celtic).

IN 3 WORDS Reliable, Entertaining & Hard-working Next person  →