Meet Charlotte Jolly

Dog lover Charlotte qualified in Animal Studies, before moving to Egypt, then Portugal and the Canary Islands to work in tourism. Returning home to work in online sales, before joining the team at TMR. Ever one for a challenge, she was a Reebok Rebel cheerleader and recently part of the Beaglelandia world record attempt.

Favourite quote – ideally by who and possibly why (if it’s not obvious):

‘I am the author of my life, unfortunately I’m writing in pen and cannot erase my mistakes.’

What did you want to be when you grew up – or maybe still want to be:

Veterinary Nurse

Who would you like to meet – or have met (so anybody from history is fine):

Joseph Sikora   (Tommy Egan in Power)

IN 3 WORDS Positive, Happy & Slightly Forgetful Next person  →