Switch from Stamps to Franking for some great benefits in 2014

9 January 2014

Additional Postal Discounts from the Royal Mail

Save 17p for every 2nd Class Letter sent – that’s a saving of £442 per annum for mailers sending just 10 2nd Class letters every day.

Save 13p for every 1st Class Letter sent – that’s a saving of £338 per annum for mailers sending just 10 1st Class letters every day.

Presenting a professional image plus free advertising by using a franking machine to print both an advert and return address this also portrays a professional image, as well a showing a consistent brand

Over Stamping With a franking machine, this is avoided by product selection, as this will direct users to the correct postage rates avoiding wasted money

Under-Stamping As with over stamping, by using the incorrect amount of stamps this could result in a fine or non-delivery of an item. With a SMART franking machine it is straight forward to get the correct postage every time.

Avoid expensive trips to the post office having a franking machine avoids this issue and means that there is access to all postal services 24/7 even when the post office is closed, saving you time and money.

Accountability and VAT Ready Many of the postal services available are now VAT liable, which means accounting and reclaiming these amounts are important for most businesses. As well as this for many companies, tracking postage across multiple departments allows cross charging and reporting back.

Click here to use our postage calculator to find out exactly how much you could save with a franking machine.

Even more benefits to franking in 2014

Mailmark™ is a new way of preparing mail for processing by Royal Mail due for release in summer, it will ensure even more benefits for franking machine users including;

  • A price difference to maximise postal budget
  • Access to a new prepay business reply product that will drive responses to your business and generate revenue
  • Automated postal price change updates will instantly apply on the day of the change avoiding surcharges.
  • Enhanced reporting information via online mail reports providing you with real time usage information to keep a closer eye on your postage expenditure.
  • Benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail

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