Making a Lasting Commitment to the Environment

Our Environmental Ethos

As independent market leaders in the supply and maintenance of franking machines, mailroom equipment and consumables, we understand the impact our decisions and actions can have on the environment. At a time when environmental issues and their awareness are more pressing than ever before, we are committed to taking responsibility for our actions, to reduce our environmental footprint and strive towards sustainability across all parts of our business.

We know the value our customers place on quality products delivered with dedicated customer focus, but we also understand how important it is that they are delivered in a way that minimises our environmental footprint. That’s why at The Mailing Room we are committed to ISO14001 standards, as well as our own company-wide Environmental Policy & Distribution Centre Policy, that set out the initiatives we’ve put in place to make a difference for our planet.

Be Part of Providing A Green Future: The Government 25 Year Environmental Plan
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Committed to Change

The Mailing Room recognises the importance of environmental protection and our Environmental Policy states our responsibility to continue to strive for environmental sustainability across all parts of our business.

Distribution Centre Policy & Procedure

The refurbishment, reuse and recycling of returned machines wherever possible is an essential part of our overall environmental commitment. Our Distribution Centre Policy outlines the steps we take in our warehouse to eliminate waste wherever possible.

Cartridge Recycling Programme

To help decrease the amount of ink cartridges going to landfill and affect change up and down the supply chain, we’ve introduced a recycling programme that helps our customers save the planet whilst also saving money. To find out more, click Return & Save.

The Mailing Room are proud to be the approved suppliers of Mailroom Solutions to the Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs

DEFRA Approved

It’s a Team Effort

At The Mailing Room we believe in the power of the collective. It forms the basis of the exemplary customer service that make us leaders in our industry and allows us all to keep pulling in the same direction. We apply these same values to our environmental ethos, with our policy and procedures formed via a comprehensive staff survey that demonstrated our group desire to reduce our environmental footprint.

We believe we can strive to do more and as a result are always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability, including allowing charity days at work so people can volunteer their time to help local causes.

Fleet for the Future

As part of our commitment to minimising environmental impact wherever possible, we have implemented changes to reduce the carbon footprint of our company car fleet by switching vehicles to hybrid alternatives.

This two-staged project is designed to first move our car fleet to hybrid powered vehicles, and within a further three years for the fleet to be fully battery powered wherever possible (subject to national and local infrastructure improvements and charging point availability).


So far this has seen 11 of our 16 fleet switched from combustion engine to hybrid, with a further 3 vehicles planned to change by the end of 2021. Allowing us to reduce the impact of our sales and engineer vehicles and lower our company CO2 omissions by around 10%, in accordance with government figures.

We have further plans in place to switch the remaining vehicles to hybrids by the end of 2022 and are committed to continuing to explore ways that we can reduce the impact of our transport. Alongside assisting our sales and engineer staff to be a part of company environmental initiatives, we are also exploring how we can extend our fleet policy to vehicles used by our Distribution Centre and are committed to making this a reality in the coming months.

Beyond the Office

As with our hybrid car fleet, our environmental commitment extends well beyond our office. Our Distribution Centre is at the heart of providing our customers and staff with the rapid and dependable distribution that we rely on, and is also at the forefront of our efforts to minimise our environmental footprint.

The knowledge and expertise of our Distribution Centre staff has allowed us to significantly cut wastage, while also helping us to explore pro-active measures we can put in place that make a positive impact.


Currently our Distribution Centre is helping customers to decrease the amount of ink cartridges going to landfill, whilst also saving you money. Through our Return & Save scheme, used ink cartridges can be returned to us in a Freepost biodegradable bag, where our warehouse will coordinate with partners ECS The Greener Side to ensure the cartridges are recycled properly and don’t end up as landfill.

To explore this and other environmental initiatives our Distribution Centre have put in place, take a look at our Distribution Centre Policy.

Recycle your Franking Cartridges to stop landfill!

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