Royal Mail Pricing 2014: Mailmark Savings

4 March 2014

Royal Mail has released their new pricing structure for 2014, which includes the prices available to users of the new Mailmark technology, effective from 31st March.

Mailmark is the result of a £70 million investment from Royal Mail, which as well as the below cost savings, also offers customers improved mail tracking, sophisticated reporting and faster franking speeds.

Below are the costs you can expect to pay when using stamps, non-Mailmark franking machines, and Mailmark compliant machines.

Stamps Franking Machine Mailmark Compliant Stamps vs. Mailmark Savings
First Class Letter 62p 50p 49p 13p
First Class Letter (Large) 93p 76p 74p 19p
Second Class Letter 53p 37p 35p 18p
Second Class Letter (Large) 73p 61p 60p 13p

If you are still using stamps, there has never been a better time to switch to franking, with cost savings of up to 19p per letter.

Existing franking machines will have to be replaced or upgraded in order to be Mailmark compatible and achieve these cost savings. Your existing machine may already be Mailmark compliant, so speak to The Mailing Room today to find out.

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