Royal Mail Mailmark – How will it help your business?

27 January 2014

Beginning in summer 2014, Royal Mail will introduce a new franking system for processing and delivering mail. Mailmark, the result of a £70m investment, will replace the current frank with a new barcode employing state-of-the-art optical and digital technology. Clients adopting Mailmark will be able to track their mail consignments at every step within the Royal Mail network, from processing to delivery, providing optimum performance management.

Mailmark is a cornerstone of the Royal Mail’s efforts to transform its business services, and offers a range of advantages to its varied customer base. For businesses, having a fail-safe method of tracking large volumes of mail will facilitate better customer relations while providing opportunities for new products and services as a result of improved performance.

As well as maximize efficiency, Mailmark will help overhaul the current mail tariff system, offering better value to business customers. Using Mailmark will ensure that businesses always pay the correct postage, meaning no annoying surcharges for customers at the point of delivery. Updates to postal tariffs will be automated with the new system, and clear price differentials will allow businesses to get the most from their postal budgets.

As well as business clients, Mailmark will offer a host of advantages to advertisers, marketers and agencies. Improved accuracy will greatly reduce the problem of mail returns while the information-tracking capabilities of the new system will add value and enable companies to better integrate campaigns with other media platforms.

Mailmark will initially be available to Royal Mail clients sending a daily minimum of 30,000 business letters or 5,000 Large Letters, although the system will eventually replace the current franking method for all customers. As well as Business Mail and Business Mail 1st Class, it can be used with Advertising Mail, Publishing Mail and machinable Letter and Large Letter formats.

As the current Royal Mail franking system will continue for the foreseeable future, businesses can weigh up potential benefits and projected savings in determining whether to upgrade to the new Mailmark system. More information will be made available by Royal Mail in the coming months.



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