Royal Mail announces 2017 Christmas Stamp Competition

24 January 2017
Royal Mail announces 2017 Christmas Stamp Competition

Sorry to mention Christmas 2017 before the dust has settled on last year’s celebrations… but after the success of the 2013 competition, with over 240,000 entries, the Royal Mail is looking to primary school pupils to design one of this year’s 1st and 2nd class festive stamps.

This is a great opportunity for both pupils and schools, with royal approval for the winning design and 120 monetary prizes across the region and age ranges. So, if you’re one of our primary school customers, or a parent who thinks your child’s school would be interested, make sure you sign up now, as all entries need to be in by March 17th.

The theme is ‘What does the Christmas season mean to you?’, with the winning design appearing on millions of Christmas envelopes for only the third time in Royal Mail history. Good luck and have fun!



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