Royal Mail Allows Home Franking

25 March 2020
Royal Mail Allows Home Franking

Royal Mail have relaxed their location policy whilst we are all trying to adhere to (COVID-19) Coronavirus government regulations and remote working.

Royal Mail statement – Business continuity

‘As a temporary measure to help with business continuity planning we would like to support clients wishing to use their Mailmark franking machines from a remote location.   If you have one of the smaller desktop franking machines that can easily be taken home to allow urgent mail to still be franked during this exceptional period of disruption please contact your franking supplier for more information.’

Is my franking machine suitable?

Providing it’s a small Mailmark Franking machine that can be easily moved by a single individual, such as a TMR d60, d160 & d220, or TMR n280 & n360, it should be OK. Though if in doubt, please contact our Technical Service team.

Is it easy to set up my Franking Machine at home?

This will depend on the existing set-up at work, plus your available internet connection at home, though the majority of smaller machines should be ‘plug & play’.

Simply disconnect your machine at work from the wall socket or router, leaving the adapter and ethernet cable attached to your machine! Then plug the cable directly into your router at home to allow your machine to communicate with the Royal Mail.

For moving a TMR d60, d160/220 & m300, please click here for instructions.

If your machine is connected wirelessly, has a static IP address, or you just need a helping hand, please call our Technical Service team on 0800 977 8084.

How do I post franked mail when working from home?

Frank as usual and separate mail into 1St Class and 2nd Class, or International as required, then:

Either place in your existing postal bags and take to the Post Office, delivery office or business mailbox.

Or, place in Meter Posting envelopes / large plain envelopes marked “Metered Mail Open Immediately” and place in pillar box/post box on the day of franking (max of 30 letters per envelope).

TMR Meter Posting

Example of a standard TMR Meter Posting envelope to purchase – Or CLICK HERE for guidance to make your own.

This ensures the franked mail will be separated and processed ahead of the standard mail in the postbox, as it is date specific and designed to speed through the automated Royal Mail system.

Royal Mail


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