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Recycling your franking ink cartridges helps the fight against landfill 25 Year Plan for A Green Future

RECYCLE your Franking Ink Cartridges & SAVE 5%

Find out more about our Return & Save scheme to help reduce Environmental impact Download Details

"Live the way you want to live, just don't waste."

David Attenborough's heartfelt message to our next generation at launch of Seven Worlds, One Planet Our Environmental Commitment

Would you like a Freepost Return & Save bag to send back your empties and start saving?

Simply fill in the details below and we'll pop one in the post, for you to return your used cartridges and stop them going to landfill.

It’s simple, there’s no catch, we just want to reduce the amount of used ink cartridges going to landfill… by making it as easy as 1.2.3 to recycle your franking ink cartridges!

  • 1. Return
  • 2 - Save
  • 3 - Recycle

Send Us Your Used Ink Cartridges

Pack up your empty franking ink cartridges (the more the merrier) in our Freepost TMR Return & Save bag and pop it in the post. You might want to tape over the printhead, or put them in a ziplock bag to avoid any leaks for postie.

Receive Your 5% Saving on Replacements

Once they arrive with us and we confirm your details provided on the recycled info card, we sort them to send them off to The Greener Side and add your discount code to our records, ready for your next cartridge order.

Stop Your Used Cartridges Going to Landfill

When you return your used franking ink cartridges to TMR, our Distribution Centre works with ECS The Greener Side to ensure they are recycled correctly and don’t end up as single-use plastic waste, as part of on their ‘Zero to Landfill’ policy.

Increased Recycling Reduces Damaging Landfill

It's estimated over 85% of the 65 million ink cartridges sold in the UK annually, end up in landfill Help stop it with Return & Save

Recycle Responsibly and Help Keep Our Oceans Clean

5,000 pieces of plastic have been found per mile of beach in the UK We can help by disposing of waste responsibly

Working Together Helps Our Future Generations

By increasing the amount we recycle at work and home, we can bring an end to waste Keep Britain Tidy by joining over 560,000 volunteers

If you’ve requested a Freepost TMR RETURN & SAVE bag, watch out for our yellow envelope in the post!

Inside are a couple of biodegradable bags and recycled postcards, for you to send back with your details when you return the empty franking cartridges.

Thank You