No More Stamps!

Not only is franked mail the cost-effective alternative to using stamps, saving you to up to 29% on every letter with Mailmark franking, but it also saves you time in, and out, of the office.

Start franking and save money...

Why should you frank?

• Cost savings – Franking is up to 29% cheaper than stamps.

• Free advertising on every envelope – Add a professional touch to your mail and deliver instant brand messages with your company logo on every item.

• Accurate weight and rate – Franking machines come with inbuilt scales so you simply select the service you want and it prints the correct rate every time.

 • Time efficiency – No more time consuming trips to the post office to queue!


• Every postal denomination at the push of a button – No need to stock all the stamp denominations or over stamp to ensure you don’t under pay and incur a fine.

• Speed through the post – Metered mail is classed as business mail and because it’s handled less, it goes through the Royal Mail system faster, so send 2nd Class & save.

• Buy postage online – As credit for your Franking Machine is purchased via a modem link 24/7, you need never run out of stamps again.

Franking – it makes sense

If you are sending only 9 items or more of mail a day, the postal savings you achieve with Mailmark can completely offset the rental and running costs of your franking machine. So what are you waiting for? Start franking and save money.

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