Franked Mail Travels Faster

As franked mail avoids manual sorting, its speeds through the Royal Mail system ensuring it reaches the customer in the fastest time possible.

Mailing Fulfillment

The immense speed with which a folder inserter can fold and insert mail makes it a far quicker and less strenuous alternative to conducting the same process by hand.

Just a touch of a button is all that’s required to have volume postings such as invoices, cheques, direct mail or business updates, neatly and professionally inserted and sealed in readiness for delivery. Saving you time and money.

We have an extensive range of user-friendly folder inserters designed to simplify mail automation to help you achieve end-to-end mailing fulfillment.


Folder Inserter benefits:

  • Faster method of processing bulk mail
  • Work directly from your database
  • Mechanized to eliminate human error
  • Cost-effective long-term solution
  • Consistent and professional mailings
  • Easy to use, increasing productivity and reducing costs

Auto Mailing offer an insert rate around 1p per filled envelope, compared to approx. 25p using traditional labour-intensive methods, reducing the reliance on staff to complete outgoing mail tasks.

Our Folder Inserter ranges

Our carefully selected Speedy Fold and FastPac ranges can benefit a business with as little as 3,000 letters per month up to high volume users of over 250,000 mail pieces. Remember is you aren’t sure, speak to one of experts who will advise you on the machine that best suits your business needs.

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