Multi-carrier solutions

Businesses now have a wide range of choice on the carrier for their mail.

With companies such as TNT offering postal discounts for non-time critical mail it is important that you can keep track of how your post is being sent on a departmental and company- wide level.

  • The Mailing Room have worked with downstream access providers since postal deregulation in 2006 to provide customers with a cost-effective choice of service providers for distribution of their mail.
  • We understand the need for organisations to be able to correctly budget and account for their mail on a departmental basis, whilst also taking advantage of these cost-saving opportunities. Businesses therefore, want to make sure they are making the most of this deregulated market and are choosing to use different service providers, dependant on the urgency of the post they are sending out and the savings they can achieve.
  • Public sector agencies too, are increasingly under pressure to both cut budgets and also account precisely for each and every expenditure. The separation of budgets to local agencies and in turn particular departments, has left a need for a system to account for mail whilst also allowing the organisation to make the most of the multi-carrier system.
  • Budget holders can become more responsible and more willing to make changes to achieve postal savings due to the accurate solutions provided by The Mailing Room.
  • Our MailSave+ system is unique and is what allows us here at The Mailing Room to offer a portal to you to access a choice of postal service providers and as a result, discounted postal rate.

EOS 150 Centormail

Our EOS 150 Centormail is the only system that can intelligently process multi-carrier mail and allocate this in real time to designated user accounts by class and type of mail.

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