Business Mail Advanced

All businesses that produce over 500 machine addressed letters on any day can save money by using Business Mail Advanced. Through a simple process The Mailing Room can help your business benefit from these savings.

Business Mail Advanced offers businesses and public sector bodies alike the opportunity to save on the huge volumes of letters they send out. The savings you can make compared to the standard franking price are:

•   From 30th March 2015 1st Class letters are discounted by 6.2p (12.2% reduction on Standard 1st Class Letters Meter prices).
•   From 30th March 2015 2nd Class Letters are discounted by 6.6p (18.3% reduction on Standard 2st Class Letters Meter prices).

Even more savings…

Along with the above savings on specific letter prices the Royal Mail also offer bulk discounts starting at 1.5% and rising to 7.5%.These discounts are available for businesses that mail more than 1,000 items a day.

A little bit more about Business Mail Advanced…

Business Mail Advanced is an incredibly simple process. The Mailing Room request license numbers for First and Second class Business Mail Advanced post from Royal Mail and these licenses are set up on your new machine at installation. You are then ready to start to save using Business Mail Advanced. You  then process your first and second class items and put them into the Business Mail Advanced boxes for collection by Royal Mail. The Royal Mail sorting machines read the license number and check the letter for address accuracy during the postal process. They then allocate a discount on an item by item basis for every piece of your mail that is automatically sorted.

Discounts are then refunded either by cheque or as a credit to a Royal Mail Account. A refund application is not required.

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