Mail Accounting

Our options can provide a wealth of benefits to help look after the pennies.

Budget Manager Mail Accounting

Our system allows you to manage all aspects of your mail centre budget. This software – powered by Intellilik, generates and reports on information in a range of levels of detail from individual pieces to department information. Meaning that as a business you can make the best decision possible.

By monitoring your postage expenditures this software allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and ultimately save your business money.

  • Manage – Help keep your accounts within predetermined budgets.
  • Track – Monitor expenses for specific clients or internal departments.
  • Review – Easily study the characteristics of your mailings.


InView Mail Management Software

Another way of making sure that every penny you spend is being spent in the right way. InView captures data from one or multiple locations and produces reports presented in tables or graphics at the level of detail you need from individual pieces to department information.

These reports are then available from anywhere on the web and can be exported in flexible formats such as Excel, PDF or CSV files. This allows easy transfer of data into programs such as PowerPoint to help enhance your presentations.

  • Eliminate – Areas of poor practice
  • Identify – Cost saving opportunities
  • Monitor – Fleets of equipment centrally

MeterNet Mail Accounting Software

This software delivers real-time access to your postal procedure and spend information, whilst reporting on more than one franking machine.

MeterNet consolidates information from several franking machines across multiple locations allowing you to make informed business decisions and eliminate inefficiencies.

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