Reasons To Frank

If your organisation sends out more than five second-class letters or parcels a day, you could make substantial savings by switching from postage stamps to a modern Mailmark-compliant franking machine.

Due to changes in postage prices implemented by Royal Mail and the complex rate structure applied to different formats of envelopes and packages, there has been tremendous current growth in the use of franking machines, so as to avoid overspend, realise all possible savings and improve the presentation of outgoing mail, why not join the franking revolution.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level franking machine or a more advanced mailroom system, there are realistic financial and operational benefits to be achieved.

  • Postal Discounts
  • Time Savings
  • Added Security
  • Accurate Postage

Postal Discounts

In order to encourage more organisations to use franking machines, thereby reducing the cost of processing mail and producing postage stamps, the Royal Mail offers substantial discounts on franked mail and packages. Annual savings can amount to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Time Savings

Rather than time-consuming trips to the Post Office and waiting in queues, franking machines give the flexibility of accessing postal services 24/7, even when the local office is closed. Franked mail can be posted in a regular postbox or a dedicated post office mailbox for franked items.

Added Security

Rather than run the risk of stamp books and petty cash lying around the office, franking machines are totally secure, with postal credits protected with a pass code and accessible to authorised users only. Eliminating physical stamp inventories means no worries about damaged or mislaid stock.

Accurate Postage

Given that postal rates are periodically updated, there is a high likelihood of affixing the incorrect amount of stamps. With integrated weighing scales, franking machines will automatically calculate the postal value of every item of mail. This eliminates any over-stamping, which costs money, and under-stamping, which can incur penalties for the recipient or result in non-delivery.

“We have received good service from the Mailing Room and were very satisfied at the prompt response to any of our queries when dealing with the installation of two franking machines in different offices and the training received. We would certainly recommend your company.”

Jo Oxley, Pennine Law Solicitors

“Soooo much better than sticking on stamps!!

We’ve received excellent success so far from the Mailing Room. The purchase and installation went smoothly. I haven’t needed to top up the postage yet but I know there will be someone on the end of a phone line to help me out!”

Swallowfield Medical Practice

Fran Leafe, Swallowfield Medical Practice

“An excellent service. Helped with teething problems very efficiently and promptly.”

Temperley Taylor

Christine Buttersworth, Temperley Taylor

  • Full Accountability
  • Faster Deliveries
  • Large Packages
  • Professional Image

Full Accountability

Many of the available postal services are linked to VAT, which means accounting for and reclaiming the expenditure. Franking machines will keep track of all your postage costs, making is easier and more accurate to claim postal expenditure on annual tax returns. These records are protected with PIN-coded security.

Faster Deliveries

Franking takes less time than stamping and some machines can fold, seal, weigh, print and stack envelopes in one automated process. Franked or metered mail is handled less and goes through the Post Office system faster than stamped items, so is delivered faster to recipients, meaning speedy results. Typically, first-class franked mail is cheaper and quicker to send than 2nd class stamped items.

Large Packages

Franking machines are able to produce self-adhesive metred tape or labels, ideal for larger items such as packages, large padded envelopes and postal tubes. In addition, onboard software and integral weighing platforms enable the calculation of the exact postage required. The look is cleaner than wallpapering with stamps.

Professional Image

A franking machine helps present a more professional image, with a tailored ink stamp that incorporates your logo and promotional slogan projecting a more businesslike appearance than randomly-applied stamps. It also removes the expense of buying in custom-printed envelopes and provides scope for seasonal messages.

  • Optimise Headcount
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Mixed Mail
  • Colour Advertising

Optimise Headcount

Organisations do not need to employ dedicated personnel for mailing tasks or set aside space for mailrooms, since modern digital franking machines are designed to be simple to use by authorised users, following menu-driven processes. Staff can thus share mailing duties and focus mainly on value-added tasks.

24 Hour Access

Topping up franking machines with more postal credit is a quick and easy process, which can be carried out online at any time of the day or night. When it comes to urgent jobs or unexpected mail-outs, there is no need to worry about having sufficient stamp inventory, since extra credits are available instantly.

Mixed Mail

On more advanced franking systems, inline Weigh-on-the-Way and Dimensions-on-the-Way functions provide the capacity to automatically process mixed outbound mail, by checking the weight, length, width and thickness of items as they travel through the machine. Thus there is no need to pre-sort letters and packages into the same formats.

Colour Advertising

Franking machines with onboard colour printers offer further opportunities for overprinting free advertising and in-house promotions onto envelopes and packages, with artwork options, studio-quality graphics and copy readily uploaded from a network PC. Studies show that full-colour graphics increase openability by 2½ times, ensuring a better return on mailings.

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