Planning a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

11 March 2014

Direct mail marketing can be one of the most profitable ways to boost your business. However, you need to plan your mail strategy carefully beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your initial investment. Here are some suggestions for how to devise the most effective direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Draw up a list of your target audience. It may take too long to compile your own list so consider buying a business mailing list from a company with a good reputation. These companies can also help you to pinpoint the best leads for your business. Buying poor leads from the wrong company will waste your time and your money.

2. Create a professional design for your marketing mail. Having a strong design that backs up a powerful message is the key to getting people to take notice of your mail. If you don’t have the skills to design and write powerful copy yourself, hire someone who does. It will pay you in the long run.

3. Give your audience something. Successful direct mail marketing campaigns always include a promotion of some kind, whether it’s a sale, a rebate or some other giveaway. You need to add value to your product so that customers will want to buy and don’t forget to make your offer time-limited so that they buy now rather than later.

4. Choose the best medium for your message. Your choice copy and standout design will be wasted if you’ve printed it on the wrong format. There’s a big difference to the way an audience responds to a brochure or sales letter, a postcard or a greeting card. Whichever medium you choose, make sure the paper you use is of durable professional quality.

5. Shop around for a good printer. There’s strong competition between printing companies so you should take time to find one with a reputation for good quality. Ask to see a sample of what your mail will look like before placing an order for thousands of copies. As with paper quality, you get what you pay for with printers and producing a top-notch mail rather than saving money should be your main priority. Most good printing companies should also have connections to a mail house that can deliver your marketing materials at discount.

6. Test the water before diving in. Don’t waste money on a big campaign without testing it on a sample audience first. This will help you work out your return rate as well as whether your message needs to be tweaked to make it more effective.

7. Don’t forget to follow up. Following up on your initial marketing mail is a good way to boost your sales, especially if you are able to tailor a personal message to your prospect. A follow-up phone call can be effective if your prospect has provided contact information.

If you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign, make sure you budget to do it right. It may cost more but the returns will be worth it.



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