How much time do you save with a franking machine?

21 May 2014

Franking machines can make a huge difference to small businesses looking to save time and money. As well as the obvious cost savings achieved through cheaper postage rates, franking machines can cut the time spent by employees processing mail by streamlining your current mail processing system.

You or your staff will no longer need to waste time with frequent trips to the Post Office, waiting in line for your letters or packages to be weighed or leaving the office to purchase stamps on a regular basis. Your franked mail can be quickly dropped off at your local Post Office (without having to wait to weigh every individual item) or posted straight in to a Business Posting Box. If you want to save even more time, Royal Mail provides a service where your franked mail can be picked up. There is an additional charge for this service, however, unless your business spends more than £15,000 per year.

Time wasted through errors in calculating the relevant postage and applying the incorrect number of stamps is also eliminated as franking machines will automatically calculate the correct postage based on the size and weight of your item using the inbuilt digital scales.

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