How much can you save with a franking machine?

14 May 2014

As a stamp user, you can save up to 34% on your postage simply by switching from stamping to franking.

The current cost of sending a 1st class letter using a stamp is 62p, by switching to franking you can send a 1st class letter for 49p – that’s a 13p difference.

A 2nd class letter sent using stamps will cost you 53p, whereas with franking it costs 35p, saving you 18p.

If you want to send a small parcel 1st class with a stamp it would cost you £3.20, you could save 30p by franking where sending a 1st class small parcel will cost £2.90

Sending a small parcel 2nd class using a stamp will currently cost you £2.80, whereas sending the same parcel using franking will cost you £2.50 – another 30p saving.

The savings are outlined in the table below so you can be clear just how much you can save by switching!

  Stamp Frank Saving
1st class letter 62p 49p 13p
2nd class letter 53p 35p 18p
1st class small parcel £3.20 £2.90 30p
2nd class small parcel £2.80 £2.50 30p


Tracking your costs is also easier than ever with franking. Using a Mailmark compliant & SMART franking machine gives you access to Royal Mail VAT products, giving you the ability to claim back VAT, where applicable.



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