Mailmark Will Soon Be Here: Frequently Asked Questions

24 February 2014

What exactly is Mailmark?

Mailmark is a brand new 2-D barcode that will replace the current stamp, PPI or franking mark on your business mail. The barcode will contain a host of data, enabling Royal Mail to guarantee faster, more effective and better value services. In the future, all business mail will carry the Mailmark barcode and Royal Mail will use the data to develop and offer a range of new plans and services.

How much has Mailmark cost to develop?

Royal Mail has invested £70 million in Mailmark to create a technology employing the latest optics and digital reporting methods. The money represents one of the largest-ever investments by Royal Mail and is part of the company’s plans to speed up and improve the sorting, tracking and reporting of letters.

In addition to the money spent by Royal Mail, Mailing Houses and others are spending considerable sums to make sure their customers can maximize the cost-saving benefits of Mailmark as soon as it is launched.

Why now?

Royal Mail is committed to providing its customers with the best mail service technology allows. A 21st century workforce needs a state-of-the-art mail service that can guarantee fast, effective sorting and delivery, as well as web-based analytics that can improve business performance and save valuable resources. The development and introduction of Mailmark has been driven by recent technological improvements that have transformed mail automation and the gathering and analysis of real-time information.

Who will it benefit?

Mailmark will provide a range of benefits to customers using Business, Advertising and Publishing Mail. These customers will be able to use Mailmark technology to track their bulk mail consignments and receive online reports to help maximize efficiency.

How will it improve my business?

Mailmark technology offers a number of improvements for businesses. In terms of cost performance, Mailmark will provide the best value tariff for all users of franking machines. In addition, automated tariff updates will ensure customers always pay the correct amount of postage and are not penalised with additional surcharges.

Mailmark’s enhanced tracking technology means no more worries about your most important mail getting lost or delayed. You’ll be able to track the consignment in real-time to ensure speedy and trouble-free delivery.

Online reports with data about your delivery performance, including rates of return and non-delivery, will allow you to plan a business mail strategy for your company that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency.

Additional benefits include easier and faster connectivity using LAN technology, as well as a more professional-looking image for your company, as you’ll be able to include your company logo and a return address on any franking machine that is compatible with Mailmark technology.

How do I apply for Mailmark?

Once you decide to switch to Mailmark, our team will liaise with your account team to ensure your franking machine is fully compatible with Mailmark. With advice from our team, you’ll be up and running with the new technology without delay.



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