How does a franking machine work?

16 May 2014

You might know that using a franking machine can save you time and money on your postage costs, but many people are not aware of exactly how a franking machine works, believing that the whole process is probably confusing and complicated! We aim to show you just how simple making the switch and franking your mail is.

Below is a quick overview on how franking machines generally work;

  1. Weight. Mail item is placed on to the franking machines inbuilt weighing scale – you get the exact weight so no risk of overpaying on postage
  2. Size and service. You select the desired size and service of the mail.
  3. Business message. Add your business message using the franking machines buttons and screen.
  4. Postage costs. The franking machine calculates the correct postage automatically, which includes the Royal Mail discounted cost for franking machine users.
  5. Print. Insert envelope or label into the franking machines printer slot. Your mail will be franked with the correct postage, date, company logo or message, and unique code
  6. Finish. Your mail is now ready to post at your local post office or Business Posting Box. It’s as quick and simple as that!

The exact process can vary from model to model. If you need any further help on understanding how a franking machine works, contact us today.



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