Avoid Surcharges with a FREE Ruler

19 July 2018
Avoid Surcharges with a FREE Ruler

Although modern franking machines make sure your post is franked at the correct price by weight, unfortunately they can’t identify the format of the mail, so mistakes can happen.

Royal Mail surcharges are applied when a client underpays on the value of the postage sent from their franking machine, with the biggest cause being selection of the wrong mail format. Letters and Large Letters have different dimensions and weight costing, so it’s important you select the correct format.

A PiP (Pricing in Proportion) Ruler helps resolve this by providing simple slots to check the size of your mail, though please note that if you have to squeeze or squash your item through, that means it was too thick for the price band.

This summer we’re giving away PiP Rulers with consumables orders, whilst stocks last, along with providing FREE delivery, to help make sure you’re sending your franked mail at the correct price.

Unlike underpaid stamped mail, your franked mail will still be delivered as sent, as the Royal Mail appreciate customers want their business post to be delivered without delay. Surcharges will then be charged directly, depending upon your franking machine and registered die number, with fees varying from £1 per item on standard and smart franking machines, to 75p or 15p on Mailmark machines.

For help on surcharges, go to our Stop Surcharges section; and to get your new ruler, simply call our team on 0800 977 8098, or buy from Consumables online, using the code RULER.



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