Frank Special or Recorded Delivery

31 May 2020

How to use a franking machine for recorded or special delivery 

So, you want to frank some mail and send it via recorded or special delivery. What do you need to do?

Here we outline how to set your franking machine to apply the postage for recorded or special delivery, as well as how you should prepare your mail items for collection.

1. How to set up your franking machine for recorded or special delivery

There’s actually not much to set up. As you put your mail through the franking machine, select the recorded or special delivery option and frank the item as normal. This will add the surcharge and ensure the correct postage.

Most franking machine models will come with recorded (signed for) and special delivery buttons/options on-screen as standard. If your franking machine doesn’t have these options, you will need to calculate the postage manually (checking the prices online) and frank the item before taking it to the Post Office.

2. Preparing items for recorded or special delivery

Once the items have been franked for delivery – you need to separate your recorded/special delivery mail from your 1st and 2nd Class mail (this is because recorded/special delivery mail will need to be handed over and signed for individually).

Before collection, or going to the post office, you will need to note down the address details for each mail item in the recorded/special delivery log book, put a barcode label on the front of the mail item and include a reference sticker in the log book.

After doing the above, note down the total number of items being sent and sign the log book page. Take the log book with you when you go to the Post Office to send your recorded/special delivery items as it will need to be signed by the cashier. If your franked mail is being collected, the delivery driver will need to sign the log book.

You can’t post these items in a post box – so remember to either set up a business collection with Royal Mail or take them to a Post Office branch.

Click here for helpful Royal Mail videos on presenting your recorded/signed for mail.



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