Which Machine?

Our franking machines cover the requirements of all sizes of mailing operation and every organisation type. The different TMR series are equipped with Royal Mail Mailmark technology, engineered by Pitney Bowes, the world’s technical leader, and supported by our comprehensive support package that includes online diagnostics and fully-trained service engineers.

How much mail do you send?

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d Series

Designed for the smaller office, the d series digital franking machines each feature a space-saving compact footprint, easy-to-read display, inbuilt digital printer and integrated weighing platform. Throughput ranges from 18 to 45 mail pieces per minute.
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m Series

Intended for small and medium-sized mailing rooms, the compact m series provides semi-automatic and automatic envelope franking, a large, easy-to-read display and user-selectable marketing slogans. Processing speeds extend from 65 to 95 letters per minute.
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c Series

Mid-volume and upwards c series digital mailing systems print full-width promotional messages, feature on-screen LCD keyboards and, on larger models, WOW and DOW for processing mixed mail. Speeds range from 180 to 310 letters per min in non-WOW mode.
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s Series

The advanced s series combines streamlined outbound mailing, with WOW and DOW on larger models, and an integrated package receiving application, together with full-colour envelope printing and a menu-driven control system. Processing speeds range from 180 letters per minute to fastest-in-class 310 non-WOW.
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