Is my franking machine SMART?

20 June 2014

SMART franking machines make franking your mail more efficient.

EU rules introduced in January 2011 mean that different types of mail are VAT free, whereas others you must pay VAT. Mail such as business mail and special delivery 9am are subject to VAT, whereas standard mail and parcels are not.

When using a SMART franking machine, the machine will automatically frank your mail with VAT inclusive. If your mail is exempt from VAT charges, the machine will help you to generate a VAT invoice to claim back VAT, ensuring you do not pay more than necessary.

In order to reclaim your VAT you must have a SMART franking machine as of April 2012.

If you purchased your franking machine after January 2011, it is likely to be a SMART franking machine. To find out if your machine is SMART enabled contact us today.

For more information on VAT liable and VAT exempt services, visit the Royal Mail website.



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