What is a franking machine license?

17 June 2014

Any business or person wishing to use a franking machine must have a franking machine license from The Royal Mail.

The reason for this is that Royal Mail are incredibly strict about who manufacturers, supplies and maintains franking machines. This is because franking machines can control and monitor postage costs and offer a substantial discount on postage costs in comparison to the cost of using stamps. Without the license, franking machines could be open to abuse and fraudulent activity.

One of the terms of the license is to keep the franking machine is good condition by having it inspected a minimum of once per year by an approved franking machine maintenance company. You must also agree not to tamper with your machine and your mail franks must be legible.

The cost of the license is included in the purchase or rental cost of your franking machine when purchased from a Royal Mail approved manufacturer or supplier. If you are buying a used franking machine then make sure your contract includes a license or you will be using your machine illegally.

Remember if your address or any details change at any point then you must contact your franking machine supplier who will contact Royal Mail to issue you a new updated license.



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