Franking Facts: 8 things you didn’t know!

26 August 2014

Want to find out more about franking? Here are 8 facts about franking machines that you probably didn’t know!

  1. The first franking machine was invented by Norwegian Engle Frankmussler
  2. You must have a franking machine license from the Royal Mail to use your franking machine!
  3. The first franking machine was created in 1884 and was intended to solve security issues in the postal system and provide a way to reliably pay for postage
  4. Before the digital franking machines of today, when your franking machine needed topping up with credit, you would have to take the entire machine to the Post Office
  5. There are only four licensed franking machine manufacturers in the UK.
  6. The first franking machines were sold in the UK in 1922
  7. Franking machine ink must be authorised by Royal Mail
  8. The word franking translates are “free”, derived from the Latin word “francus”

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