Franked Mail: Size & Weight Formats

22 August 2014

The amount you pay when franking your mail will depend on the size and weight of what you are sending. The below table from the Royal Mail outlines the different mail formats and the maximum weight, length, width and thickness associated with each.

To always make sure you don’t pay more than necessary, folding your documents to fit in a smaller envelope can bring your mail down to a lower priced mail format, providing it falls below the maximum thickness.

Format Examples Max Weight Max Length Max Width Max Thickness
Letter Cards, letters, bills 100g 240mm 165mm 5mm
Larger letter A4 documents (that cannot be folded), certificates, larger greetings cards 750g 353mm 250mm 25mm
Small Parcel (wide) Clothing, handbags 2kg 45cm 35cm 8cm
Small Parcel (deep) Shoes 2kg 35cm 25cm 16cm
Medium Parcel Heavy and bulky items 20kg 61cm 46cm 46cm


For the 2014 Royal Mail costs according to the format of your mail see the franking prices wall chart



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