Coronavirus Update

19 March 2020

COVID-19 Update – Copy of Notification to Customers

Dear Customer

Re: Coronavirus

In light of the current situation related to the outbreak of COVID-19, I wanted to get in touch to keep you informed of our business continuity plans that will ensure we can support you, our customers, throughout the pandemic.

During these uncertain times our priorities are clear: 1) maintaining the health and safety of our team and their families 2) providing a smooth, reliable service for our customers. We are thankfully currently on track with both.

To ensure we can continue to support you with our dedicated in-house customer support, accounts and supplies team, we have introduced a mixture of staff working both from home and offices until further notice. This is in conjunction with the continued field sales and engineering support ready to attend your offices, or assist over the phone and web as needed.

We have taken steps to ensure the team have the systems access they require to be able to do this effectively, with minimal disruption.

This is an unprecedented situation for the country and we’re working with customers to help plan for worst case scenarios. However, the unanticipated additional work required to assist our customers in this regard will inevitably have an impact on our team resources, which may affect our overall responsiveness. Whilst we’re doing everything we can to mitigate this, I would ask that you, and your colleagues, are understanding and remain patient in the knowledge that the team here at TMR are doing everything we can to support you though this difficult time.

Many thanks

Ian Davidson

Group Managing Director




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