How to change ink on a franking machine

29 May 2014

If you’re sending out a large amount of letters daily, your franking machine will eventually need its ink cartridge replacing. This is quick and easy to do. The exact process will depend on the make and model of your franking machine. You can refer to your franking machines handbook, or alternatively contact The Mailing Room support team who can guide you through the franking machine ink changing process.

Generally, the franking ink replacing process is as simple as these quick steps;

  1. To begin, press the ‘Menu’ (or similar) button on your franking machine
  2. Select ‘Ink functions’ (or similar) and choose ‘Replace ink cartridge’
  3. Open the top cover of the franking machine and locate the ink head
  4. Press the top of the ink cartridge latch
  5. Tilt the ink cartridge towards you and lift it out. Discard of the old cartridge
  6. Remove the replacement cartridge from its packaging, be sure to pull off the protective tape from the bottom of the cartridge
  7. Tilt the new cartridge towards you and insert into the print head. Straighten the cartridge so that it is upright
  8. Be sure to press down the cartridge latch firmly until it is locked into place
  9. Close the top cover and press Enter
  10. Do a test print to confirm quality of the ink

You can purchase replacement ink cartridges here.



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