How to change the date on a franking machine

2 June 2014

It is important to frank your mail with the correct date. If you do frank your mail with the incorrect date, simply put a neat line through the wrong date using black ink, then change the date on your franking machine and set the postage to £0. Re-frank your mail with the correct date on the reverse of the envelope.

You can also frank a label with £0 postage and the correct date and place it on the envelope to the left of the incorrect impression, covering the wrong date. Be sure not to cover the original postage paid.

Most modern franking machines come equipped with automatic date change technology so you should not need to manually change the date on your franking machine. If you do find you need to change the date, this is quick and simple to do and can be found in your machines settings. Refer to your franking machine handbook for further help on changing your franking machines date, or call our support team who can assist you.



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