Does a business need to be sending high volumes of mail before getting a franking machine?

25 July 2014

You may think that franking machines are only suitable for large businesses that send high volumes of mail every day.

In fact, any business that sends mail can benefit from significant postage savings by using a franking machine, including small businesses.

Using a franking machine can reduce postage costs by up to 30%. A small business sending as few as 5 letters per day can save up to £225 in a year by switching from stamps (53p per 2nd class stamp), to franking (35p 2nd class Mailmark frank).

Your business will also no longer need to waste time queuing at the Post Office, or calculating postage prices.

If your business sends less than 20 letters per day, our range of low volume franking machines are ideal for small businesses.

Sending between 20 and 100 letters per day? Our range of low to mid volume franking machines will reduce your postage costs considerably.

Whether your business is large or small, speak to one of our experts and start saving today.



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