22%OFF & the Chance of a BearHug

31 March 2020
22%OFF & the Chance of a BearHug

22% OFF & FREE Delivery in April + the chance of a FREE Bear Hug!

We appreciate that whilst you’re working from home and keeping the recommended ‘social distance’, you might be missing the camaraderie of the workplace, so we wondered if you’d like a cute engineer bear to brighten up your day?

To help with a hug, we’ve got some little friends to send out to the first 50 consumable orders with the code ‘bear’!

What’s more in celebration of our 22nd year, along with the increased saving of 22p on 2nd Class stamps with Mailmark franking after the Royal Mail rate change, we’re offering 22% off consumable orders over £100 in April. Plus free shipping and the return of TMR sweets!

It’s unbearably simple to do (sorry), just contact our team, or order online using the code ‘bear’, we don’t even mind if you stockpile to save even more.

Thanks for helping a bear looking for a new home and we’re here (well, working from home…) if you’d like to call.



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