Planet Press Suite

Merge print data with electronic documents at high speed through Planet Press, from virtually any data stream prior to printing and production.

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Reduce postage costs:

Combine documents into the same envelope


Add a personalised message to your documents

Integrity marks:

Make sure the right documents get to the right customers


Combine SMS, email and fax with physical mail

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    Planet Press Suite – Print to Mail software

    Our innovative document workflow software will integrate seamlessly with your print stream to drive out inefficiencies and deliver best practice for your document and mail piece production.

    Whether your objective is to save time in document and mail production, reduce postage costs or to re-design unattractive documents to be more customer friendly, we will design a workflow that will address your challenges head on.

    If improving previously untouchable communication is the aim, let us discuss combining e-distribution with physical mail or even placing relevant targeted marketing messages onto each document. We can also change the messages dynamically to ensure you connect with your audience.

    Why Planet Press?

    Planet Press allows our customers to bring their transactional documents to life and provides access to a host of benefits, including:

    – Greater operational efficiency

    • Optimise staff resources by diverting print & mail piece creation
    • Add OMR to documents to ensure document integrity
    • Combine print & electronic distribution to deliver optimum response rates
    • Archive documents to provide easy access to duplicates

    – Improved cost control
    • Eliminate costly pre-printed forms and stationery.

    • Optimise postal expenditures by cleansing addresses and avoided wasted mail

    • Consolidate separate documents into a single mail piece.

    – Revenue growth
    • Personalising mail piece contents and add colour to drive responses and improve the customer experience.

    Beyond Mailing - why choose us...

    • Choice

    • Experience

    • Price

    • Reliability

    • Trust

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