IRIS 475 Franking Machine

The IRIS 475 is used in large mailrooms; processing 120 pieces per minute and can handle increased media sizes and thicknesses.

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Processing speed:

120 pieces per minute

Integrated scale:


Job presets:


Media thickness:

Up to 5/16”

Media size :

Up to 13” x 15”

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Getting your mail out the door and to its destination shouldn’t be a chore. It should be an effortless process that can be integrated into your business operation, keeping noise levels low, taking up little space, and creating no disruptions. Enter the IRIS 475 Digital Mailing System.

– Mailmark & SMART Technology
The IRIS 475 Mailmark franking machine guarantees that every piece of mail is being sent at a significantly lower cost than SMART & non-SMART franking machines or stamps. Included is the ability to reclaim VAT (where applicable). Additional benefits include franked reply paid envelopes and improved reporting using InView.

– Time Saving
The IRIS 475 has loads of cost savings capabilities like dimensional rating, Weigh-On-The-Way™ (WOW™) and a range of postal services beyond simple first and second class.


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