EOS 30 Franking Machine

Processing 30 letters per minute with a 3kg integrated scale and a letter dispenser and tray, the EOS 30 is perfect for developing businesses.

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Colour options:

Blue, Red, Silver, Black, Gold



Processing Speed:

30 pieces per minute

Letters per hour:


Colour touchscreen:


Label dispenser:


Integrated scale:


Letter tray:


Discover more about the EOS 30 and saving money on your postage

Discover the benefits of the EOS 30

– Ease of Use
With a colour touch screen, the EOS range has the simplest to understand user screen enabling 99% of tasks to be completed in three screens. Additionally, if you choose the EOS 45 or EOS 65 versions the optional auto-feeder will make mail processing faster and more cost efficient.

– Information Management
Up to date accounting & reporting software allows simpler management of your postal usage. This enables you to manage your mail to ensure you are gaining the lowest possible prices.

– Cost Savings
The EOS 30 Mailmark franking machine guarantees that every piece of mail is being sent at a significantly lower cost than SMART & non- SMART franking machines or stamps.

– Mailmark & SMART Technology
Gain access to lower franking postal rates and the ability to reclaim VAT (where applicable). Additional benefits include franked reply paid envelopes and improved reporting using Navigator accounting software.

4.7” colour touch display

The EOS 4.7″ colour touch display is always on hand to guide you to the desired action – which is easy for first-time users and for alternating users.

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The benefits of franking

  • Save Money

  • Save Time

  • Professional

  • Accurate Post

  • Mailmark compliant

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