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The successful running of healthcare institutions depends on their ability to communicate effectively with their patient base. We understand the needs of the sector and strive to save efficiently, whilst providing a quality service that UK healthcare is known for.

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All government departments have and are experiencing the need to find efficiencies and savings on an ongoing basis. The Mailing Room have been able to work with many health authorities to help them to improve communication processes in a variety of ways.

Everyday interactions with patients such as appointment letters and test results are sensitive pieces of data and need a system that treats them as such. We understand that and can offer


software which can contribute to minimising the possibility of incorrect delivery. Through the reliable and precise management of patient contact details by software from The Mailing Room you can ensure that missed appointments are a thing of the past; saving your service time and money.


Understanding the challenges

Our team comprises of people who have worked in the mail industry with Public Sector departments for many years and understand the specific challenges they face including:

  • Managing fleets/portfolios of equipment across multiple locations
  • Managing contracts across a fleet whose needs change as the department changes to meet market demands



  • Providing reporting to demonstrate that all assets are fully utilised and identifying opportunities for savings
  • Providing reporting to ensure postal expenditure is cost effective and optimised


Specialist Review

A healthcheck by one of our Public Sector specialists will provide you with a detailed report, a plan and recommendations on how your organisation’s postal processes can be made more efficient.

The specialist review will focus on four key areas:

  • Mail flows and opportunities for savings through centralisation and volume consolidation



  • Equipment deployment and opportunities for fleet cost reduction
  • Document composition and opportunities for savings through improved machinability
  • Postal discount maximisation through carrier optimisation
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From viewing postal expenditure across remote locations, to centrally managing all postal operations, The Mailing Room can provide the answer.

You benefit from:

  • Dedicated account management that understands your sector
  • Improved terms as a Public Sector partner of The Mailing Room
  • Flexible contracts that reflect your purchasing power


  • Agreed Service Level Agreement to ensure we meet our obligations
  • Management information on equipment usage and SLA’s
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Full engineer installations and out of hours support – Royal Mail approved independent maintainer of franking machines
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